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Welcome to Cambodian Buddhist Society

The Wat (means temple) was establised as a cultural center for the Cambodian community in Australia. The Cambodian Buddhist Society of NSW Inc. is a not-for-profit religious organization supported by the Cambodian people of the state of New South Wales and other states in the country.

The (CBSNSW) Cambodia Buddhism Society of NSW Office based at Wat Khemarangsaram Sydney, our activities like celebrating Khmer traditional ceremonies and it is also the place where Cambodians come and meet each other during the Khmer New Year, Pchum Ben. For the younger generation it is a place to learn about the Cambodian culture and Buddhism. In addition, venerable monks in Wat Khemarangsaram also take parts in similar performances with other Buddhist communities, and more often with Lao, Vietnam, Thai. Besides, they also participate in the Buddhist affairs of other Buddhist bodies including the Buddhist Council of Australia.

Latest Events

Vissakh bochea at Wat Khemarangsaram

On Saturday 2 May 2015 the peoples in Sydney gathered to celebrate the annual Visak Bochea ceremony at Wat Khemarangsaram Bonnyrigg, commemorating the Buddha’s enlightenment after 49 days of meditation under a Bodhi tree in northern India. The festival was a time to pay gratitude to Buddha, who had enlightened followers around the world though his wisdom and teachings of Dharma.


The Khmer people celebrate in order to have a memory of Buddha, the birthday of Buddha, his enlightenment and his death. These three important dates happen in the same day and month but deterrent year. The ceremony always fails on the 15th of the waxing moon (May) not only in Cambodia, but also other Buddhism countries in different parts of the world. Visak Bochea is one of many religious ceremonies in Cambodia as well as other Buddhism countries such as Thailand, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, etc. It marks the birthday, the enlightenment and the death of Buddha. It most significant time for all the Buddhists in for them to calm down their felling by listening to the monk’s sermon. In this was, their mood is refreshed and their tension is relived.


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