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Welcome to Cambodian Buddhist Society

The Wat (means temple) was establised as a cultural center for the Cambodian community in Australia. The Cambodian Buddhist Society of NSW Inc. is a not-for-profit religious organization supported by the Cambodian people of the state of New South Wales and other states in the country.

The (CBSNSW) Cambodia Buddhism Society of NSW Office based at Wat Khemarangsaram Sydney, our activities like celebrating Khmer traditional ceremonies and it is also the place where Cambodians come and meet each other during the Khmer New Year, Pchum Ben. For the younger generation it is a place to learn about the Cambodian culture and Buddhism. In addition, venerable monks in Wat Khemarangsaram also take parts in similar performances with other Buddhist communities, and more often with Lao, Vietnam, Thai. Besides, they also participate in the Buddhist affairs of other Buddhist bodies including the Buddhist Council of Australia.

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Wat Khemarangsaram Bonnyrigg will celebrate the Pchum Ben You, your family and your friends are warmly welcome to join us on this greatest celebration. This will be taking place at 68 Tarlington Place Bonnyrigg NSW 2177 on Friday 9th to Sunday 11th October 2015.


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